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Thank you so much for writing for me! I personally like long letters with lots of prompts, but if that's not your style, please feel free to do your own thing! I am notoriously easy to please and I love all these series, so I'm just excited to read what you write for me! If I wrote more about one of these series than the others, please don't take it as a sign that I want it more -- it just means I had more to talk about. I will be delighted to receive fic for any of these series. I like both gen and shipfic, and am down with smut but also without it, so whatever floats your boat, go for it. I'm excited!

I'm Traincat on Ao3 and on tumblr, and @hellotraincat on twitter, if you want to poke around.

Likes: Mutual pining, hurt/comfort especially if it’s heavy on the comfort, pretending to be married/dating FOR THE MISSION, fake dating turns real in general, fake break-up for whatever reason, happy endings, soulbonding/mates/any kind of weird psychic connection bonding scenario. I also like angst where it fits the setting, like in Marvel Noir or Fantastic Four (2015). AUs and tropes! Love them! If you want to write me any of my requests but they're werewolf florists who live on Mars, I'm down with it. Similarly, I love all of my requested canon settings and am more than happy to receive fic set in them.

Dislikes: permanent major character death (I’m fine with canon character deaths, such in FF 2015), character bashing, infidelity, harm to animals. I don't want incest between adopted siblings for Fantastic Four (2015). 

Fantastic Four (Comicverse)
Johnny Storm, Peter Parker

I love these two so much. The sheer breadth of their history -- the teenage rivalry, the deep trust and affection between them even back before Johnny knew Peter's name or face. Their long history of saving each other. The fact that canonically every Christmas they meet up at the Statue of Liberty. The way Johnny will tell Peter anything (when he messed up by asking Ben to be his best man, that the "Alicia" he married was actually a Skrull spy). I also love the banter, the jokes, and the goofing off. One of my favorite relationships in comics. I admit I'm more partial to fic set post-identity reveal, after their adults, but I love them as teens too and identity porn is always fun.

My prompts here trend towards shippy, but I'm also very happy to receive gen!

Some prompts:
They have so much history! They've literally known each other their entire careers! A game I like to play is to pick any point in their shared canon and reimagine it if they were in a relationship at that time. What changes? What stays the same? (For example, what does Fraction's Fantastic Four run look like if Peter's along for the ride?)

I am very weak for the fact that Johnny has the world's best track record when it comes to calming Peter's deep well of rage and making him back off before he goes too far. What is it specifically about Johnny that he's able to get through to Peter so easily?

How does Johnny’s celebrity and Peter’s dual identity play into how the public views their friendship? Into a relationship? Johnny loves public attention and defines himself by it, perhaps to his own detriment – Peter has a mixed relationship with the press. Is Spider-Man ever accused of dragging the Human Torch into shady business? Tarnishing his reputation? Do they get snapped by tourists at Lady Liberty? Do people wonder just how Johnny became friends with Spider-Man and/or Peter Parker?

Related, is there Spider-Man/Human Torch RPF in-universe? Are there shippers, a tumblr community, etc? Ship wars over Spider-Man/Human Torch vs Peter Parker/Human Torch? Do they know about it?

The recent Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1 sees them hanging out together on rooftops, eating lunch, and apparently having regular movie nights. I'm not going to lie: I would read a thousand fics of them arguing about takeout and movies. 

I'm totally down with porn and would feel remiss not pointing out that 1) Peter's canonically used webbing in the bedroom, 2) Johnny really seems to dig the idea of "Peter Parker in charge", and 3) Peter "loves" when Johnny "does what he says." (Thanks, Zdarsky.)
Fantastic Four (2015)
Sue Storm, Johnny Storm

I love this movie, bite me, Rotten Tomatoes. The whole core cast is great, but I requested Johnny and Sue because I feel there's so much left to explore about these versions of them and because while I love Reed and Ben, so much of the fic is about Reed and Ben. Not to say I'll mind if Reed and Ben show up as well! I'd just like the central relationship to focus on the Storm siblings, before, during, or after the film.

Some prompts:
I'd love something exploring Johnny's absence from Baxter at the beginning of the movie, and how he and Sue haven't (or have) been talking, or a peek into their childhoods. Before Baxter? At Baxter? Their respective relationship with their father?

Johnny and Sue have very different relationships with their powers -- Sue calls them "abnormal" and wants to get rid of them, while Johnny's embraced them (perhaps a little too much -- he seems naively trusting of his military handlers). I'd love to see that reversed. A moment where Sue really gets to revel in what she can do, or when Johnny's frightened of his own (inherently destructive) abilities. One thing I love about the Storm siblings in 616 is that Sue's learned to take a defensive power and turn it into a weapon, whereas Johnny's control over heat is so finely pinpointed that he can soothe burns. I'd love to see these Storms set out on that kind of journey with their powers.

One thing Johnny and Sue seem to have in common in music; Sue states that she needs it to help her focus, while Johnny's listening to Motown (specifically, Standing in the Shadows of Love by the Four Tops) in the car in his introductory scene. I'd love fic exploring what music means to both of them, how it brings them together or keeps them apart, or even the Storms at karaoke night.

I love Johnny's cut line from the trailers: "We should use these powers to help people." Once they're released from the military's hold, what does he do with his powers? It's hard to envision this version of Johnny in a sterile lab space for very long -- although notably, another cut scene has him claiming lab space and saying he needs "a big ass sun roof." What does he want the team to do with their powers? What's Sue's point of view on the newly formed Fantastic Four and her ideas for what their goals should be? She seems more comfortable with her powers at the end, but is she?

Johnny and Sue's mother is entirely absent from the movie, but considering Fantastic Four (2015) is heavily based on Ultimate Marvel, and Ultimate Mary Storm abandoned her family for Very Serious Science, I would totally be down for fic (ridiculous or serious) where she learns of their abilities and reenters their lives in order to gain their help in her quest to find the lost kingdom of Atlantis. Just throwing that out there.
Marvel Noir
Peter Parker, Felicia Hardy, May Parker, Mary Jane Watson

You do not have to use all my selected characters for this request, although of course you are more than welcome to! I'm interested in any individual one or combination of these characters! This is the only request I would prefer not to get an AU for, as it's already a canon AU setting. (Though again, if you want to go like, Noir in space, or mermaid Noir, or any sort of AU that doesn't meet a mood change -- I'm more than cool with it.)

I'm not terribly interested in anything that happened with this Peter during or after Spiderverse and would prefer it ignored, but if you've got an idea that hinges on it, go for it! 

Some prompts:
One of my favorite things that you can do with a multiverse is examine how shifting one little thing changes a character. For example, with Marvel Noir's Peter, Uncle Ben was murdered before Peter was bitten by the spider, and he wasn't killed by a gun. In reaction, this Peter carries and uses guns, and also may not have as much of a problem with the whole killing thing. (He certainly didn't seem to feel any great remorse or guilt after he killed the Vulture.) I'm interested in an exploration of this Peter and how he feels about violence -- he seems sickened by it when it's inflicted by other people, possibly because of how Ben died? But at the same time, with the timing of the bite and Ben's murder, his sense of responsibility over Ben's death is at least lessened, if not nonexistent: this is not a thing that happened because of him. IMHO Peter's almost crushing sense of responsibility is what keeps him, a man with the ability to crush steel with his bare hands, in check. What then keeps Noir Peter in check? What does he consider to be the hard limit? (I am, it should note, more than down with stories wherein Peter is brutal in his pursuit of justice.)

I'm always a sucker for stories where May finds out Peter's Spider-Man, or scenarios where she's suspected or even known all along. A look at May and Peter in the wake of the Vulture's death would be amazing. I always sort of read Peter as gravitating towards people who have stronger moral centers than him -- people who innately possess the kind of goodness that he has to strive for. This May is moral, perhaps, to a flaw.  How does that balance out between them in the quiet moments?

I love this scene from Spider-Man Noir: Eyes Without a Face, especially the panel of Peter and Felicia's feet and the cats. I am 100% down with Peter/Felicia PWP or even Peter and Felicia shop talking in bed while cats climb on top of Peter's head and chew on his hair or try to bat him in the eye. Similarly, I'm interested in Peter and Felicia's attachment to each other despite their different viewpoints -- and despite Peter wanting more than Felicia can give him.

Anything about Felicia after Eyes Without a Face would be amazing, or anything that takes place in the gap between Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Man Noir: Eyes Without a Face. 

We don't know a whole lot about this Mary Jane, who seems more subdued than her 616 counterpart. I'd love something from her point of view, or just more about her. Additionally, I'm always a sucker for PeterMJ, so I'm more than happy to get shipfic. In 616, Mary Jane knew the whole time that Peter was Spider-Man -- could the same be true of their Marvel Noir versions?

Mary Jane/Felicia?? Mary Jane/Peter/Felicia???

This being Marvel Noir, I'd love to see casefic with any one or combination of these characters!
Unstoppable Wasp
Nadia Pym

This book was so bubbly and fun and colorful and kind and bright that it made me emotional every single issue. I loved it! She's a half-Hungarian girl living in New Jersey! I'm a half-Hungarian girl living in New Jersey! (I'm a couple of generations further from the old country than Nadia but still.) Instant kinship.

Some prompts:
I'd love something that picks up from the end of the series, exploring where Nadia goes next. I love all of the girls and women in this series, so if you wanted to write more of them, I'd love to see all the girl geniuses together! Alternatively, I'm perfectly happy with a Nadia solo story.

With Marvel Legacy upon us, the theme of legacy seems pretty fitting. Nadia has her father's, and all of the good and the bad that could come with that, and now, by taking Jan's last name, she's adopted hers too. I'd love to read something about what either of those mean to her -- or Nadia forging ahead with a legacy of her own. (Or, really, anything about her decision to ask Jan if she could take her last name instead of Hank's.)

One of my favorite things about the Marvel universe is how deeply rooted in New York it is. It's a real city that exists and for me it just adds a whole other dimension to the Marvel lore that it uses all these real, tangible, modernly mythical places. Nadia hasn't been in the area very long -- I'd love to see her explore it more, either the fictional Marvel spots or the very real landmarks. 

If there's a woman in the Marvel universe you always wanted Nadia to meet but that she hasn't yet, I'd love to read that!

I also love holiday fic, and Nadia's sunny disposition makes her perfect for that!

I'm looking forward to whatever you come up with! Thank you for writing for me!
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Thank you for writing for me! I’m a person who likes long letters with a lot of talk about the fandoms/characters and prompts, so that’s what I’ve written, but if that’s not your style please disregard and do your own thing! I’m incredibly easy to please and I love all these series with my whole heart – if I wrote more about one than another, it just means I had more thoughts to share, not that I would prefer it. I’m so excited to see what you come up with! I'm Traincat here, on Ao3 and tumblr, and basically everywhere on the internet except for twitter where I'm @hellotraincat, if you want to poke around.

Likes: found family/families of choice, fluff, alternate universes and fusions (the wackier the better), mutual pining, soulbonding/mates, characters who genuinely enjoy each other, hurt/comfort especially if it’s heavy on the comfort, pretending to be married/dating FOR THE MISSION, fake dating turns real in general, happy endings.

Do Not Wants: permanent major character death (I’m fine with canon character deaths, such in FF 2015), tragedy for tragedy’s sake as opposed to for character/story development, character bashing, infidelity, harm to animals.

Fantastic Four (Comicsverse)

Johnny Storm, Peter Parker

Right off the bat: I ship them like crazy, but a big part of why I ship them is their amazing friendship – I love how it grew out of them being competitive show-off teenagers into a relationship where they completely trust each other and consider themselves family, so while I’d love shipfic, I’m also totally happy with gen.

I’m familiar with them throughout their whole shared canon and love fic set at any point, though I admit a particular fondness for stuff set after Johnny learns Peter’s identity, when they’re both adults. But! I also like fic set during their teenage days and/or identity porn! I would gleefully read a 1000 words of them goofing around on a rooftop somewhere! You really can’t go wrong here.

Some prompts:

  • The Usual Place! How did they fall into the pattern of meeting at the Statue of Liberty? What made Peter decide to put up with the hassle of getting out there when it’s not a swingable location? How did their Christmas tradition of meeting up there start? Do they have any particular memorable Christmas mornings up there? (I would totally be up for holiday fic, if it strikes your fancy.)

  • They have so much history! They've literally known each other their entire careers. A game I like to play is to pick any point in their shared canon and reimagine it if they were in a relationship at that time. What changes? What stays the same?

  • How does Johnny’s celebrity and Peter’s secret identity play into how the public views their friendship? Into a relationship? Johnny loves public attention and defines himself by it – Peter has a mixed relationship with the press. Is Spider-Man ever accused of dragging the Human Torch into terrible doings? Do they get snapped by tourists at Lady Liberty? Do people wonder just how Johnny became friends with Spider-Man and/or Peter Parker? (Is there Spider-Man/Human Torch RPF in-universe and if so do they know about it?)

  • Current canon as of this letter sees Johnny without his family Johnny, clearly feeling kind of clingy (his jealousy when Peter calls Harry his best friend, the fact that he's slept naked in Peter’s bed…..) and it gives me a lot of hurt/comfort feelings about Peter realizing Johnny needs him. However, ahem, you want to take “needs”, ahem ahem. Johnny’s had a particularly rough run the past few years in canon, so I would definitely not be adverse to him getting some comfort. (I’m less into hurt!Peter fic, possibly because so much of it already exists.) 

  • Smut-wise, I would remiss not to mention Peter’s canonically used his webbing for sexy bondage, and Johnny is apparently super into the idea of Peter in charge.

  • Anything about Johnny’s recent naked cat nap in Peter’s bed. Gosh I love canon.


Scarlet Spider

Kaine, María Aracely Penalba

This whole run was so much fun – I think I cried laughing at the rodeo and Santa robbers issues. (And then I actually cried during the last couple issues.) I love everything about Kaine, but especially how he claimed he was eschewing responsibility and then immediately turned around and adopted a teenage girl. I love that they lived in a luxury hotel suite and probably only ate room service unless Donald and Wally objected. I love that six-foot-tall two hundred pound Kaine is a ridiculous lightweight, and I love all his feelings about his “brothers.” I love that he's so garbage at secret identities Peter can't show his face in Houston. I love his struggle over his belief that he’s a monster. I love that he and Aracely have a swear jar that they actually use. I love Aracely’s big bright sunny disposition, how immediately she adores and trusts Kaine, and that she sees past his gruff exterior. I love that she made herself a costume! I love that they’ve got some kind of psychic bond that’s intense enough Aracely felt it when the Lobos killed Kaine. Just! I have a lot of feelings!

While I love their relationship, I don’t ship them romantically and would strongly prefer gen for this request.

Some prompts:

  • Exploration of Aracely’s godhood and what it means that Kaine is her champion? Alternatively, Aracely as a god contrasted against Kaine as the Other?

  • Kaine and Aracely meeting any other hero in the Marvel universe! Or a non-hero – Kaine and Aracely somehow end up hanging out in May Parker’s living room? J Jonah Jameson’s office? Kaine and Aracely having NYC adventures that Aracely’s completely thrilled about and Kaine is immediately over but gets involved in anyway because that’s what always happens?

  • Spider-Verse fix-it fic with Aracely saving Kaine?

  • Kaine & Aracely spending time with Donald and Wally?

  • I love that they have spa days in canon, so Kaine and Aracely Have a Nice Day at the Spa would be delightful. (Possibly the spa is crashed by assassins. These things happen.)

Fantastic Four (2015)

Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm

The under-rated cinematic masterpiece of 2015; I honestly adore this movie, RT can fight me. I ship Ben/Reed (the whole movie but especially drunk dialing Ben up in the middle of the night to COME TO ANOTHER DIMENSION, the Ben Shrine at the Panama Isolationist Shack, “he was looking for him/”I’m not you’re friend”, my heart) and Reed/Sue (“Do you prefer Susan?” Flicking him on the ear! Finding him! That tense across the table conversation, man), but I could also very easily be sold on Reed/Johnny (the fistbump/hand pat! The hug!) or Ben/Johnny (in my F4-loving heart I believe Ben/Johnny at least a little real in every version of canon). While I love Ben/Reed and filmed Ben/Reed fanfic that is this movie, I'd prefer them not to be the sole focus. I requested all four characters because I’d love to see this version of the Fantastic Four becoming, well, the Fantastic Four – whatever that means for them. Basically: I’m happy to get Ben/Reed fic, but I’d love to see their relationships with Sue and Johnny, too.

Honestly I'd love to see any interaction between these four kids; I love this version of the FF and all their potential a lot.

Some prompts:

  • A look at Sue, Johnny, and Ben during the year Reed was gone: Sue seems to have a pretty good handle on what’s going on with Ben, while Johnny appears to have bonded with his handlers. (He jokes with them and calls them by name in the one tiny glimpse we get.) Is Johnny desperate for approval and jealous that Ben’s been out in the field, not really understanding what exactly it is Ben’s been doing? How much time have Sue and Johnny spent with Ben? With each other? Have they developed their own in-jokes and friendships and is it hard for Reed when he comes back into their lives? How does the dynamic change and grow when they get to Central City?

  • OR just Central City antics: what do they get up to once they’re there? What kind of things do they build and discover? Do Reed and Johnny combine their skills and build the Fantasticar? Are the other inhabitants of Central City afraid of their powers? Fascinated? How does Ben feel in Super Genius Heaven? Do Sue and Johnny get a chance to grieve? How do they recover from their own personal traumas and move forward, together?

  • A canon divergent AU where Reed doesn’t manage to escape. What changes? How hard does he fight to keep Ben from being used as a weapon? How does he fight for Ben? Is Ben used as a bargaining chip against him to keep him compliant and working for the military? I’d love to see Reed, Sue, and Franklin Storm pretending to cooperate and plotting behind everyone else’s backs.

  • I'm a complete sucker Fantastic Four power swap plots -- Reed and Ben swapping powers? Sue and Johnny? Any other combination? It could be especially interesting considering this Sue, Johnny and possibly Reed (he did build himself a containment suit) can't control their powers on their own during the events of the movie. (Have they learned to?) How do they react to each other's powers? Is Johnny unexpectedly good with force fields? Is Reed kind of freaked out by lighting on fire? Do they fix it? Additionally, in two other-canon Fantastic Four power swaps, Reed has tried to keep Ben's powers for himself so Ben won't have to suffer, which could be great for a Ben/Reed prompt. 

  • This is such a small thing but I love that Johnny’s listening to Standing in the Shadows of Love in the car. What do the other three listen to? Is Baxter/Central City/Fantastic Four karaoke night a complete disaster?

I Dream of Jeannie

Jeannie, Tony Nelson, Roger Healey

This is a really happy show for me – I watched the same handful of episodes on tape over and over again as a kid and then picked it up again from the start a few years ago with the complete collection and fell in love all over again. I love the characters and their relationships, the humor, and the magic, and I love these three in any combination.

I ship Tony/Jeannie of course, but I’d also be interested in seeing a Tony/Jeannie/Roger OT3, and I think the Roger&Jeannie’s friendship is adorable -- I love when he ends up her partner in crime. I’d be thrilled with either something totally out there (seriously, go wild) or a “missing episode” type fic with the three of them getting into typical trouble.

Some prompts:

  • I’m always a sucker for Jeannie agreeing to Tony’s face and then just turning around and doing whatever she wants anyway (possibly with Roger’s help?) – I love Jeannie’s strong will and her exuberance, especially when it gets her (or Tony) in trouble. I love Jeannie and Tony (and Roger!) rescuing each other.

  • Role reversal – Jeannie’s an astronaut, and it’s Tony who’s trapped in a bottle? Tony and Jeannie are astronauts and it’s Roger they find in a bottle? There are two genies in the bottle?

  • Any kind of AU, except Jeannie’s still a genie? (Space AU except Jeannie’s still a genie/alien genie and Tony finds her bottle on some distant planet? Modern AU, except Jeannie’s still a genie? A Jeannie with social media accounts, bloggin’ from the bottle?)

Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing what you write!

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Dear Marvel is Marvel creator:

So first off, I'm super easy to please. I'm sure I'll love whatever you create, and I hope that you have fun creating it! Below I listed some general likes and dislikes and a little bit extra about what I like about each canon/character/relationship I requested - if I wrote more about one than the others, it's not because I prefer it, just that I have a few more thoughts. But honestly, go wild and have fun and I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with. 

general likes
: happy endings, superheroes being competent and good at their jobs, fluff, alternate universes and fusions, loyalty. Get together and established relationship are both equally welcome! I'm cool with any rating and with porn but I'm also perfectly happy to get gen! 

general Do Not Wants: permanent character death (beyond the canonical - for example, I'm fine with the canon character deaths of 616's Gwen and Spider-Gwen's Peter, respectively. I don't mind references to canon character deaths at all), tragedy for the sake of tragedy, excessive violence or gore where it's unsuited to canon's tone, noncon, infidelity, harm to animals.

Character: Tommy Shepherd
Relationships: David Alleyne/Tommy Shepherd, Kate Bishop/Eli Bradley/Tommy Shepherd, Eli Bradley/Tommy Shepherd, Billy Kaplan & Tommy Shepherd, Teddy Altman & Tommy Shepherd

So it, uh, may be obvious that I really love Tommy Shepherd. I love how brittle and sarcastic he is, but also how much he cares - when he's pushing himself to go faster and work harder during Siege is a favorite moment, as well as how upset he is over the team's breakup. Honestly I'll pretty much be happy with whatever about him! I'm especially interested in how he views and relates to family - be it Wanda & Billy, Billy & Teddy & the Kaplans, the team, or the Shepherds. Any time period of canon is fine! I ship him with David, Eli, and as an OT3 with Kate and Eli, but I'm not particularly interested in Kate/Tommy without Eli. For gen, I'd love to see more of him and Billy - another roadtrip, maybe? I loved his moment with Teddy at the end of Children's Crusade, and I love how much Teddy seems to care about Tommy in general. I'm kind of fascinated by the period of canon where Tommy and Teddy were living with the Kaplans, so anything set during that would be amazing.

Tommy Shepherd! Having feelings, holding hands! So I confess I'm fonder of volume 1 than volume 2, but v2 gave me David back, and I've loved him since New X-Men. I ship him with Tommy like, a lot. (They kissed twice on panel! Secret Love totally counts!) For me it's more of a tone thing - earnestness is something I like a lot in superhero mediums, and v1 had that in spades. (It was also my first Marvel comic, so that might have something to do with it.) But I'll enjoy a fic about Tommy set at any period in canon! I enjoy all the relationships I requested equally, or I'd be just as happy to see Tommy doing his own thing, maybe on one of the trips he was taking at the beginning of v2.


Relationship: Peter Parker/Johnny Storm

This is my OTP of OTPs and I'd be happy with whatever! One of the things I love about them is how much genuine affection and respect they have for each other - they've known each other their entire careers, and there's a real sense of history in their interactions. I love any time period for them - squabbling teens, squabbling young adults, squabbling actual adults etc. Identity porn is always welcome and amazing and I would never say no, but my favorite is when Johnny knows Peter's identity. I'm a sucker for trust and loyalty, and they've got so much of that.

So, like. If you take even the briefest glance at my ao3, it's obvious that I love these two A LOT. There's so much affection and history to play around with where they're concerned, and I have a special weakness for how much Johnny trusts and admires Peter, enough that he left him his spot on the Fantastic Four in his will. My tag for them on tumblr is #losers who deserve each other, if you want to poke around, and it's a pretty good sampling of what I like about them. I love that depending on the hour either one of them is playing the longsuffering straight man to the other's wildcard, and I love that they just, y'know, love each other. The only thing I'm not especially partial to fic-wise are stories where Johnny is close friends with Peter Parker before learning he's Spider-Man - I've read a lot that I've enjoyed, and if you've got an idea that incorporates it, go for it, but it always takes a little extra to sell me.


Relationship: Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew

I'd love something fun and trope-y! Stranded together, soulbonding, an unexpected setting or AU, anything as long as they're in love and get to have some fun for once. I'd also love to see Jessica visit Carol at her new space station gig, or Carol going on shore leave and meeting back up with Jessica, or something set further back in canon while they were both Avengers. I adore both of them so much. I don't mind angst and drama (and oh my god do they have the potential for angst and drama) as long as there's a happy or hopeful ending.
My only specific DNW here is Jessica's recent pregnancy/baby storyline being incorporated. It's really not my thing.


Character: Doreen Green

Doreen is the absolute most fun - I love her energy, endless kindness and her joie de vivre and how completely she throws herself into everything. I'd love to see her on her own, doing her kicks butt, eats nuts thing, or just having an average day in the life of Doreen Green: ESU student, or teamed up with anyone you can think of - or a fanwork exploring Squirrel Girl in a different version of canon would be amazing, too. Basically I just really love Squirrel Girl.


Characters: Gwen Stacy (Spider-Woman), Mary Jane Watson, George Stacy, Matt "Murderdock" Murdock

I'd really enjoy something fleshing out the world of Spider-Gwen - I love the little details we get to see, like Starkbucks and the Yancy Street Gang taggers - so I'd be happy with fic about any character during/before/in the future, or just about the world in general. I really enjoy its big, colorful energy, though sometimes the gaps in the world building leave me a little wanting. I'm interested in the parallels and differences between Gwen's Spider-Woman and Peter's Spider-Man, and I love the band aspect of Gwen's civilian life. Maybe something about Gwen's early Spider Days, or where she is in the future? Mary Jane is always a favorite, so I'd love something about her, her identity as a singer or her frustrations with Gwen - maybe her finding out Gwen's identity? (I ship it a little bit, so if you do too, two thumbs up.) I also confess a lot of fondness for beautiful barefoot Matt Murderdock, ninja prince. Basically anything Spider-Gwen! 

If you're not opposed, a no-powers regular band AU would be pretty cool here, too.

Thank you in advance! 
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Reveals are up! I wrote four fics this year:

Running to Arrive

Iron Man: Armored Adventures (gen)

Agent Hill looked her up and down, lips pursed, one eyebrow raised.

“Come with me,” she started, and breathlessly Pepper cut in with, “If you want to live?”

The corner of Agent Hill’s eye did this little twitchy thing, which looked incredibly smooth and secret agent-y. Pepper wondered if they taught you how to do that in SHIELD classes.

Agent Hill sighed and rubbed a hand to her forehead and said, “Come with me if you want to see Director Fury.”

That was so much better than Pepper could have ever wished.

This was my assignment this year and it was one of those things where, you look at the prompt and you go, this is the fic I know in my heart I have always wanted to write. Armored Adventures is such a fun series, and one of the things I love most about it is Pepper, who wants to be a SHIELD agent and is just so enthusiastic about EVERYTHING!!!!! Trying to capture her energy was a fun challenge, and I hope I succeeded. 

style is eternal

Hawkeye (gen)

Clint came home to find teenagers sitting on the floor of his apartment. His dog was lying between them, getting skritches.

“I don’t think he likes the hat,” Kate said, holding something in her hands that looked like a giant satin triangle.

“Maybe the holes aren’t big enough for his ears,” the other kid, who Clint belatedly recognized as one of Wanda’s reincarnated brood, replied. “Pass the scissors?”

“Kate,” Clint said, coming up behind them. “And Kate's friend, Strange Teenager in My House With His Hands All Over My Dog.”

Look, doggie costumes are really cute, okay? This one was so much fun to write. Lucky's closet is probably way bigger than Clint's at this point.

Stay, Stay, Stay

Young Avengers (Tommy & Eli, Eli/Kate/Tommy)

Teddy was cleaning when he found the sweatshirt.

“That’s Eli’s,” Tommy said. Teddy held it up to the light, frowning at it.

“Yeah,” he said. “Must’ve left it here, y’know. Before.”

Before Latveria, Teddy meant. He seemed strangely hesitant to say the word, like it might make Billy do something drastic, like hole himself up in his room and not talk to anyone. Like that ship hadn’t already sailed.

Tommy was sick of it.

A summary of my year: lies down, has Tommy Shepherd feelings. (Maybe more like: a summary of my life.) It's probably an understatement to say I have issues with the tone of the new run, so getting to write Tommy and Eli and Kate together again was like Christmas. In other news, I think I managed to limit myself to only titling one fic after a TSwift song this year, which is a great achievement.

Snow Day

Avengers Assemble (comic) (Carol/Jessica, Jessica & the Hulk)

“You fell through a dimensional rift,” Carol said. “We followed you.”

“Ugh,” Jessica said, planting her sharp chin on Carol’s shoulder. "Dimensional rift. That's just my luck."

There was a flurry of motion behind Carol’s back; she twisted around to find Jessica and the Hulk mid-fistbump.

“Do you guys have a secret handshake?” she asked.

Spoiler alert: I just really want Jess and the Hulk to have a secret handshake, and Jess and Carol to get married.
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Yuletide is upon us!

Here's my first batch of Yuletide recs! These are the fics I received, which are all lovely and amazing and I want to roll around in them forever. Thank you so much to my Yuletide writers! I WANT TO MARRY ALL OF YOU. I can not say enough good things about any of them. 

1. It’s All Relative(s) - Blue Beetle

Bianca Reyes teams up with La Dama and Peacemaker to rescue Jaime from an alien spaceship. IT’S EVERYTHING I’VE ALWAYS WANTED, with all the Reyes family feels I could ever hope for. The writer really went above and beyond filling my request. I was making flaily motions and squeaking under my breath the entire time I was reading it. Wonderful, perfect familyfic. <3

2. Dinner and a Movie (and Saving the World) - Young Avengers

Tommy and Eli team up to fight garbage slime monsters and then have dinner with Eli’s grandparents. Only in New York! Also, it’s not a date. (It’s a date.) This is ALSO everything I ever wanted and it’s a really lovely look at both Tommy and Eli and it really captured what I love about the original Young Avengers, especially Patriot. It gave me The Feelings. (True story, when I was trying to shake my presents, because I am that person, I was hoping the Eli/Tommy fic was for me and IT WAS. Yay!)

3. Radiance - Ultimate Comics Spider-Man

A lovely look at a canon divergent AU where Gwen has superpowers, complete with powerswaps. Gorgeous writing with wonderful voices (especially Gwen and Miles), and every mention of Jessica Drew was like a knife. Oh, my heart.

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The f15s (fics in fifteen seconds) meme, because it looks like fun. Let's see if I can get it straight - sum up every chapter of every story you've written in two lines of script!
dang, bro )dang, bro )
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Post the first lines of your last 21 fics.

1. First things first, Johnny wanted to make it clear: he did not intend to sleep with that photographer.
2. “We’re going to die.”
3. The car pulls up in front of Mary Jane’s house at half past midnight and starts honking, three short staccato blasts followed by two long ones.
4. “There’s nothing to this blasted place.”
5. “You’re not going on patrol tonight,” Bruce said flatly.
6. Arkoniel had been perfecting the leaf spell for hours.
7. In the end, Teddy was the only one who came to see him off.
8. Grodd was halfway through a rousing rendition of Toucha-Toucha-Touch Me when he saw the bat-shaped outline hulking just beyond the shower curtain.
9. Fury gave them all a big speech before they left, and finished it with a finger pointed square at the team.
10. His first mission with the Avengers took him to Latveria.
11. The cough started on Thursday.
12. Clint has this thing.
13. In retrospect, it was all Dum Dum Dugan’s fault.
14. This was how it started: Paco, in Arizona, kidnapped and wearing leopard print.
15. Kaede’s first night on the job, she got tossed into a building.
16. Their second day off the Fantastick, John got in a brawl.
17. “This is your twenty-four hour warning,” Billy declared, throwing himself down on the couch.
18. If the world was ending, then kissing Kon seemed like the thing to do.
19. “He’s just so mysterious.”
20. Everyone knew it was coming, and probably sooner rather than later, especially after Sebastian Shaw’s death in that unexpected boating accident.
21. Sometimes Lois thought she should take up a safer occupation.

To top it off, some first lines from some current WiPs:

1. It wasn’t the worst day of Tony’s life, not by a longshot.
2. This was how Phil and May met for the first time, at 8:17 PM, in a corner mart in Queens, during a stick-up.
3. Clint made a promise, twice, and said that everything would be all right.
4. Steve Rogers’ plane took off at 5 PM.
5. The thing nobody, not even his master, understands is that Tommy watched it all happen.
6. “A spaceship has just crashed in a nearby county,” Hank announced at the door, so excited his fur was practically on end.

I have a lot of unfinished Marvel fic.

Things I have learned from this: I like starting fic with dialogue, but not as much as I thought I did. A lot of my opening sentences are pretty sparse. You can pretty much call all my crackfic from the first sentence.
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I am hip deep in future babies/support grinding and I have fic I need to write, so help me get the ball rolling:

Stump the Writer!

A -- go to the list of my fics (near complete list
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1.) Give me a pairing (does not need to be romantic)
2.) Give me a setting (AU or otherwise).
3.) I will write you a three-sentence fic.

Multiple prompts are more than cool!
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Yeah, there's basically no way I'm not going to regret this one. I blame you, [personal profile] bonnefois. Here's my card for [community profile] trope_bingo:

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Happy New Year, everyone! May it be better than 2012, which had its grand sendoff by flooding my basement with three inches of murky gross water that will not drain, and then forcing me to wade through it to turn the heat back on. Yay.

And it's Yuletide reveals! Which means I have to fess up and say that I wrote like, eight fic this year. Yeah. In my defense, I was doing some pretty heavy RL-avoidance. (In Yuletide's defense, everyone's prompts this year were amazing.)

So, from the top:

Ultimate Spider-Man (comics)

Following Weblines for LithiumDoll

“All you’ve got to do," Peter said, "is aim, shoot and swing.”

Miles Morales falls through a portal into Earth 616 and meets back up with Peter Parker.
G, gen.

My assignment, which I loved writing. I read Spider-Men this summer, sitting in [personal profile] amielleon's hotel room and making squeaky sobbing noises every two pages while she silently questioned her choices in friends, so it was great to get to write fic for it, and writing Miles in 616 was a lot of fun.

The Adventures of Jackpot and Zombie Girl for LithiumDoll

"Get in the car, loser," Gwen says. "We're going superheroing." Gen, mentions of canon character death.

And a treat for my recipient, for whom I could have written about a dozen fics, totally serious. Gwen and MJ fight crime! Jessica Drew's life is not a girl band! (That's a lie. It absolutely is.)

DCU [Justice League/Unlimited and Nightwing (comics)]

Rub-a-Dub Dub (A Bunch of Capes in the Tub) for rapacityinblue

“Holy cats!” Oliver said, dropping the sponge. There was still conditioner in his beard.

“I think you mean, holy bats,” Bruce intoned.

A bunch of times Batman ambushed people in the shower, and a time or two someone ambushed him.

Holy Yuletide popularity, Batman! There's not a ton to say about this one -- I had a lot of fun writing and I'm glad people are enjoying it.

Family Ties for takadainmate

A few times Alfred took care of Dick, and one where Dick took care of Alfred. Gen.

Young Avengers

Through the Mines for socktopuss

Two days later, Eli got a postcard from Madripoor. There was a picture of Kate on the front. She was holding a piece of paper with WISH YOU WERE HERE written on it in purple block letters, grinning at him with her sunglasses propped up on the end of her nose.

Eli and Kate stumble into the long distance thing, occasionally sometimes accidentally on purpose.
Kate/Eli, mentions of canon character death.

I loved loved loved this prompt and had such a good time writing this fic. All my Kate and Eli feels. All of them. I will go down with this ship.

Scenes from a Wedding for arysteia

Billy and Teddy, getting married. More or less.

A disaster story, in six steps.
Billy/Teddy, gratuitous weddingfic, with bonus minor Children's Crusade-fixit.

Tamir Triad

a shower of autumn leaves for Amielleon

In which there's a dress fit for a queen, a queen who would rather not be fit for a dress and some rather unusual weather.

Or, fatherhood, in two loosely connected acts.
Tamir/Ki, gratutious sap with bonus gratuitous weddingfic. Thank you, Ammie, for introducing me to these books. ♥ You're the best.

Marvel 1602

the length and breadth of the sea for MizzMarvel

John Storm and Peter Parquagh find their way to each other, then try to find their way back home. Rated M, Johnny Storm/Peter Parker, with bonus dinosaurs.

I basically stalk MizzMarvel's Yuletide prompts like a cheetah stalks a wounded gazelle because they are the best Johnny/Peter prompts, so. If it's getting weird, MizzMarvel, you can tell me! If the similes are getting weird, you can also tell me! I promise I am not a total creep!

So that's Yuletide for this year. It was a blast, and thank you to everyone who left me feedback! ♥ It put a huge smile on my face.
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Happy Boxing Day! Or Merry The Day After Yuletide Opens. Or Merry Yuletide Madness! Depends on what you celebrate.

I got a wonderful Fantastic Four story for Yuletide, that perfectly fulfilled my request and then some:

Mushed: the one where Reed and Sue need alone time so Ben and Johnny take the kids of a EDUTAINMENT ROADTRIP. TO A MUSHROOM WORLD. And Val and Franklin get into trouble and then get themselves out of it! ♥ ♥ ♥ There are Moloids, go read it.

There are a lot of fantastic fics so far, and I have about a billion more I still want to read, so hopefully I'll get around to making a reclist soon.

Tabs. Tabs everywhere.
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So I don't know how many of you I've mentioned this to, but I have a fairly large Avengers fic being posted for the Marvel Big Ban in a little over a week. Here's a reason to be excited about it:

[personal profile] amielleon: so fun aside
[personal profile] amielleon: there is actually a certain type of amnesia that can be triggered by mind-blowing sex
[personal profile] traincat: -- hahahaha
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[yuletide letter placeholder]
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Yuletide nominations are up! Yay! It's shaping up to be the busiest time of the fandom year. Also I haven't updated in ages so have a meme:

Pick a trope from this list and provide a fandom/pairing and I'll tell you something about the story I'd write for that combination (i.e. write a snippet from the story or write not!fic or tell you the title and summary for the story I would write)

1. genderswap
2. bodyswap
3. drunk!fic
4. huddling for warmth
5. pretending to be married
6. secretly a virgin
7. wingfic
8. cross-dressing
9. forced to share a bed
10. truth or dare
11. historical AU
12. accidental-baby-acquisition
13. apocalypse fic
14. crossovers!
15. High School / College / Band AU
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1. Pick a pairing or a character
2. Ask me my particular head!canon regarding something about them
3. Post to your journal to share your own head!canon!

In the meantime, writing angst, writing angst, all day long.
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1.) give me a character or pairing.
2.) give me an au setting.
3.) i will write you a three-sentence fic.

Give me something to distract myself from sobbing endlessly over this Avengers fic, please?

I am bad at updates.
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Stump the Writer!

A -- go to the list of my fics (near complete list here, or there's my fic post and meme tags) and pick out a line or three from one of my stories. (Must be a full line, please -- no sentence fragments or speech tags or other such nonsense.)
B -- I will respond with which story of mine I think it's from.
C -- A fic snip to anyone who stumps me.

Also, this. Offer me comfort in my hour of need, while I weep endlessly and browse the internet through my phone?

(I'd prefer it if we stuck to stuff posted under this penname, and you know. Stuff actually posted. If you give me significantly older lines, I'll probably won't be able to guess through my wails of shame.)
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Computer issues are officially a go. Can't actually really use it right now -- managed to get into long enough to get my stuff off, but uh, yeah. Might be kind of quiet for a while!
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title: between the lines
series: Fire Emblem 9/10
pairing: Ike/Soren
rating: PG
notes: For [personal profile] amielleon. h/c coldfic, modern AU, basically 300% schmoop. Seriously, I'm not kidding. It's all either touching or like, longing glances and a lot wanting to touch. Respectable reading, this is not. (Although apparently Ammie says otherwise.) Happy late Valentine's Day, Ammie. ♥

(Also I kind of wanted to read this over a few more times and maybe tinker with it a bit but uh if you've talked to me tonight you've probably heard, but I'm having ~computer issues~, so I wanted this up already in case they got worse.)

If Ike wanted, he could reach out and lay a hand on Soren’s skinny knee. He did want, but his hands stayed where they were. )
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