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Yuletide is upon us!

Here's my first batch of Yuletide recs! These are the fics I received, which are all lovely and amazing and I want to roll around in them forever. Thank you so much to my Yuletide writers! I WANT TO MARRY ALL OF YOU. I can not say enough good things about any of them. 

1. It’s All Relative(s) - Blue Beetle

Bianca Reyes teams up with La Dama and Peacemaker to rescue Jaime from an alien spaceship. IT’S EVERYTHING I’VE ALWAYS WANTED, with all the Reyes family feels I could ever hope for. The writer really went above and beyond filling my request. I was making flaily motions and squeaking under my breath the entire time I was reading it. Wonderful, perfect familyfic. <3

2. Dinner and a Movie (and Saving the World) - Young Avengers

Tommy and Eli team up to fight garbage slime monsters and then have dinner with Eli’s grandparents. Only in New York! Also, it’s not a date. (It’s a date.) This is ALSO everything I ever wanted and it’s a really lovely look at both Tommy and Eli and it really captured what I love about the original Young Avengers, especially Patriot. It gave me The Feelings. (True story, when I was trying to shake my presents, because I am that person, I was hoping the Eli/Tommy fic was for me and IT WAS. Yay!)

3. Radiance - Ultimate Comics Spider-Man

A lovely look at a canon divergent AU where Gwen has superpowers, complete with powerswaps. Gorgeous writing with wonderful voices (especially Gwen and Miles), and every mention of Jessica Drew was like a knife. Oh, my heart.

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