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Thank you for writing for me! I’m a person who likes long letters with a lot of talk about the fandoms/characters and prompts, so that’s what I’ve written, but if that’s not your style please disregard and do your own thing! I’m incredibly easy to please and I love all these series with my whole heart – if I wrote more about one than another, it just means I had more thoughts to share, not that I would prefer it. I’m so excited to see what you come up with! I'm Traincat here, on Ao3 and tumblr, and basically everywhere on the internet except for twitter where I'm @hellotraincat, if you want to poke around.

Likes: found family/families of choice, fluff, alternate universes and fusions (the wackier the better), mutual pining, soulbonding/mates, characters who genuinely enjoy each other, hurt/comfort especially if it’s heavy on the comfort, pretending to be married/dating FOR THE MISSION, fake dating turns real in general, happy endings.

Do Not Wants: permanent major character death (I’m fine with canon character deaths, such in FF 2015), tragedy for tragedy’s sake as opposed to for character/story development, character bashing, infidelity, harm to animals.

Fantastic Four (Comicsverse)

Johnny Storm, Peter Parker

Right off the bat: I ship them like crazy, but a big part of why I ship them is their amazing friendship – I love how it grew out of them being competitive show-off teenagers into a relationship where they completely trust each other and consider themselves family, so while I’d love shipfic, I’m also totally happy with gen.

I’m familiar with them throughout their whole shared canon and love fic set at any point, though I admit a particular fondness for stuff set after Johnny learns Peter’s identity, when they’re both adults. But! I also like fic set during their teenage days and/or identity porn! I would gleefully read a 1000 words of them goofing around on a rooftop somewhere! You really can’t go wrong here.

Some prompts:

  • The Usual Place! How did they fall into the pattern of meeting at the Statue of Liberty? What made Peter decide to put up with the hassle of getting out there when it’s not a swingable location? How did their Christmas tradition of meeting up there start? Do they have any particular memorable Christmas mornings up there? (I would totally be up for holiday fic, if it strikes your fancy.)

  • They have so much history! They've literally known each other their entire careers. A game I like to play is to pick any point in their shared canon and reimagine it if they were in a relationship at that time. What changes? What stays the same?

  • How does Johnny’s celebrity and Peter’s secret identity play into how the public views their friendship? Into a relationship? Johnny loves public attention and defines himself by it – Peter has a mixed relationship with the press. Is Spider-Man ever accused of dragging the Human Torch into terrible doings? Do they get snapped by tourists at Lady Liberty? Do people wonder just how Johnny became friends with Spider-Man and/or Peter Parker? (Is there Spider-Man/Human Torch RPF in-universe and if so do they know about it?)

  • Current canon as of this letter sees Johnny without his family Johnny, clearly feeling kind of clingy (his jealousy when Peter calls Harry his best friend, the fact that he's slept naked in Peter’s bed…..) and it gives me a lot of hurt/comfort feelings about Peter realizing Johnny needs him. However, ahem, you want to take “needs”, ahem ahem. Johnny’s had a particularly rough run the past few years in canon, so I would definitely not be adverse to him getting some comfort. (I’m less into hurt!Peter fic, possibly because so much of it already exists.) 

  • Smut-wise, I would remiss not to mention Peter’s canonically used his webbing for sexy bondage, and Johnny is apparently super into the idea of Peter in charge.

  • Anything about Johnny’s recent naked cat nap in Peter’s bed. Gosh I love canon.


Scarlet Spider

Kaine, María Aracely Penalba

This whole run was so much fun – I think I cried laughing at the rodeo and Santa robbers issues. (And then I actually cried during the last couple issues.) I love everything about Kaine, but especially how he claimed he was eschewing responsibility and then immediately turned around and adopted a teenage girl. I love that they lived in a luxury hotel suite and probably only ate room service unless Donald and Wally objected. I love that six-foot-tall two hundred pound Kaine is a ridiculous lightweight, and I love all his feelings about his “brothers.” I love that he's so garbage at secret identities Peter can't show his face in Houston. I love his struggle over his belief that he’s a monster. I love that he and Aracely have a swear jar that they actually use. I love Aracely’s big bright sunny disposition, how immediately she adores and trusts Kaine, and that she sees past his gruff exterior. I love that she made herself a costume! I love that they’ve got some kind of psychic bond that’s intense enough Aracely felt it when the Lobos killed Kaine. Just! I have a lot of feelings!

While I love their relationship, I don’t ship them romantically and would strongly prefer gen for this request.

Some prompts:

  • Exploration of Aracely’s godhood and what it means that Kaine is her champion? Alternatively, Aracely as a god contrasted against Kaine as the Other?

  • Kaine and Aracely meeting any other hero in the Marvel universe! Or a non-hero – Kaine and Aracely somehow end up hanging out in May Parker’s living room? J Jonah Jameson’s office? Kaine and Aracely having NYC adventures that Aracely’s completely thrilled about and Kaine is immediately over but gets involved in anyway because that’s what always happens?

  • Spider-Verse fix-it fic with Aracely saving Kaine?

  • Kaine & Aracely spending time with Donald and Wally?

  • I love that they have spa days in canon, so Kaine and Aracely Have a Nice Day at the Spa would be delightful. (Possibly the spa is crashed by assassins. These things happen.)

Fantastic Four (2015)

Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm

The under-rated cinematic masterpiece of 2015; I honestly adore this movie, RT can fight me. I ship Ben/Reed (the whole movie but especially drunk dialing Ben up in the middle of the night to COME TO ANOTHER DIMENSION, the Ben Shrine at the Panama Isolationist Shack, “he was looking for him/”I’m not you’re friend”, my heart) and Reed/Sue (“Do you prefer Susan?” Flicking him on the ear! Finding him! That tense across the table conversation, man), but I could also very easily be sold on Reed/Johnny (the fistbump/hand pat! The hug!) or Ben/Johnny (in my F4-loving heart I believe Ben/Johnny at least a little real in every version of canon). While I love Ben/Reed and filmed Ben/Reed fanfic that is this movie, I'd prefer them not to be the sole focus. I requested all four characters because I’d love to see this version of the Fantastic Four becoming, well, the Fantastic Four – whatever that means for them. Basically: I’m happy to get Ben/Reed fic, but I’d love to see their relationships with Sue and Johnny, too.

Honestly I'd love to see any interaction between these four kids; I love this version of the FF and all their potential a lot.

Some prompts:

  • A look at Sue, Johnny, and Ben during the year Reed was gone: Sue seems to have a pretty good handle on what’s going on with Ben, while Johnny appears to have bonded with his handlers. (He jokes with them and calls them by name in the one tiny glimpse we get.) Is Johnny desperate for approval and jealous that Ben’s been out in the field, not really understanding what exactly it is Ben’s been doing? How much time have Sue and Johnny spent with Ben? With each other? Have they developed their own in-jokes and friendships and is it hard for Reed when he comes back into their lives? How does the dynamic change and grow when they get to Central City?

  • OR just Central City antics: what do they get up to once they’re there? What kind of things do they build and discover? Do Reed and Johnny combine their skills and build the Fantasticar? Are the other inhabitants of Central City afraid of their powers? Fascinated? How does Ben feel in Super Genius Heaven? Do Sue and Johnny get a chance to grieve? How do they recover from their own personal traumas and move forward, together?

  • A canon divergent AU where Reed doesn’t manage to escape. What changes? How hard does he fight to keep Ben from being used as a weapon? How does he fight for Ben? Is Ben used as a bargaining chip against him to keep him compliant and working for the military? I’d love to see Reed, Sue, and Franklin Storm pretending to cooperate and plotting behind everyone else’s backs.

  • I'm a complete sucker Fantastic Four power swap plots -- Reed and Ben swapping powers? Sue and Johnny? Any other combination? It could be especially interesting considering this Sue, Johnny and possibly Reed (he did build himself a containment suit) can't control their powers on their own during the events of the movie. (Have they learned to?) How do they react to each other's powers? Is Johnny unexpectedly good with force fields? Is Reed kind of freaked out by lighting on fire? Do they fix it? Additionally, in two other-canon Fantastic Four power swaps, Reed has tried to keep Ben's powers for himself so Ben won't have to suffer, which could be great for a Ben/Reed prompt. 

  • This is such a small thing but I love that Johnny’s listening to Standing in the Shadows of Love in the car. What do the other three listen to? Is Baxter/Central City/Fantastic Four karaoke night a complete disaster?

I Dream of Jeannie

Jeannie, Tony Nelson, Roger Healey

This is a really happy show for me – I watched the same handful of episodes on tape over and over again as a kid and then picked it up again from the start a few years ago with the complete collection and fell in love all over again. I love the characters and their relationships, the humor, and the magic, and I love these three in any combination.

I ship Tony/Jeannie of course, but I’d also be interested in seeing a Tony/Jeannie/Roger OT3, and I think the Roger&Jeannie’s friendship is adorable -- I love when he ends up her partner in crime. I’d be thrilled with either something totally out there (seriously, go wild) or a “missing episode” type fic with the three of them getting into typical trouble.

Some prompts:

  • I’m always a sucker for Jeannie agreeing to Tony’s face and then just turning around and doing whatever she wants anyway (possibly with Roger’s help?) – I love Jeannie’s strong will and her exuberance, especially when it gets her (or Tony) in trouble. I love Jeannie and Tony (and Roger!) rescuing each other.

  • Role reversal – Jeannie’s an astronaut, and it’s Tony who’s trapped in a bottle? Tony and Jeannie are astronauts and it’s Roger they find in a bottle? There are two genies in the bottle?

  • Any kind of AU, except Jeannie’s still a genie? (Space AU except Jeannie’s still a genie/alien genie and Tony finds her bottle on some distant planet? Modern AU, except Jeannie’s still a genie? A Jeannie with social media accounts, bloggin’ from the bottle?)

Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing what you write!

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