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Dear Marvel is Marvel creator:

So first off, I'm super easy to please. I'm sure I'll love whatever you create, and I hope that you have fun creating it! Below I listed some general likes and dislikes and a little bit extra about what I like about each canon/character/relationship I requested - if I wrote more about one than the others, it's not because I prefer it, just that I have a few more thoughts. But honestly, go wild and have fun and I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with. 

general likes
: happy endings, superheroes being competent and good at their jobs, fluff, alternate universes and fusions, loyalty. Get together and established relationship are both equally welcome! I'm cool with any rating and with porn but I'm also perfectly happy to get gen! 

general Do Not Wants: permanent character death (beyond the canonical - for example, I'm fine with the canon character deaths of 616's Gwen and Spider-Gwen's Peter, respectively. I don't mind references to canon character deaths at all), tragedy for the sake of tragedy, excessive violence or gore where it's unsuited to canon's tone, noncon, infidelity, harm to animals.

Character: Tommy Shepherd
Relationships: David Alleyne/Tommy Shepherd, Kate Bishop/Eli Bradley/Tommy Shepherd, Eli Bradley/Tommy Shepherd, Billy Kaplan & Tommy Shepherd, Teddy Altman & Tommy Shepherd

So it, uh, may be obvious that I really love Tommy Shepherd. I love how brittle and sarcastic he is, but also how much he cares - when he's pushing himself to go faster and work harder during Siege is a favorite moment, as well as how upset he is over the team's breakup. Honestly I'll pretty much be happy with whatever about him! I'm especially interested in how he views and relates to family - be it Wanda & Billy, Billy & Teddy & the Kaplans, the team, or the Shepherds. Any time period of canon is fine! I ship him with David, Eli, and as an OT3 with Kate and Eli, but I'm not particularly interested in Kate/Tommy without Eli. For gen, I'd love to see more of him and Billy - another roadtrip, maybe? I loved his moment with Teddy at the end of Children's Crusade, and I love how much Teddy seems to care about Tommy in general. I'm kind of fascinated by the period of canon where Tommy and Teddy were living with the Kaplans, so anything set during that would be amazing.

Tommy Shepherd! Having feelings, holding hands! So I confess I'm fonder of volume 1 than volume 2, but v2 gave me David back, and I've loved him since New X-Men. I ship him with Tommy like, a lot. (They kissed twice on panel! Secret Love totally counts!) For me it's more of a tone thing - earnestness is something I like a lot in superhero mediums, and v1 had that in spades. (It was also my first Marvel comic, so that might have something to do with it.) But I'll enjoy a fic about Tommy set at any period in canon! I enjoy all the relationships I requested equally, or I'd be just as happy to see Tommy doing his own thing, maybe on one of the trips he was taking at the beginning of v2.


Relationship: Peter Parker/Johnny Storm

This is my OTP of OTPs and I'd be happy with whatever! One of the things I love about them is how much genuine affection and respect they have for each other - they've known each other their entire careers, and there's a real sense of history in their interactions. I love any time period for them - squabbling teens, squabbling young adults, squabbling actual adults etc. Identity porn is always welcome and amazing and I would never say no, but my favorite is when Johnny knows Peter's identity. I'm a sucker for trust and loyalty, and they've got so much of that.

So, like. If you take even the briefest glance at my ao3, it's obvious that I love these two A LOT. There's so much affection and history to play around with where they're concerned, and I have a special weakness for how much Johnny trusts and admires Peter, enough that he left him his spot on the Fantastic Four in his will. My tag for them on tumblr is #losers who deserve each other, if you want to poke around, and it's a pretty good sampling of what I like about them. I love that depending on the hour either one of them is playing the longsuffering straight man to the other's wildcard, and I love that they just, y'know, love each other. The only thing I'm not especially partial to fic-wise are stories where Johnny is close friends with Peter Parker before learning he's Spider-Man - I've read a lot that I've enjoyed, and if you've got an idea that incorporates it, go for it, but it always takes a little extra to sell me.


Relationship: Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew

I'd love something fun and trope-y! Stranded together, soulbonding, an unexpected setting or AU, anything as long as they're in love and get to have some fun for once. I'd also love to see Jessica visit Carol at her new space station gig, or Carol going on shore leave and meeting back up with Jessica, or something set further back in canon while they were both Avengers. I adore both of them so much. I don't mind angst and drama (and oh my god do they have the potential for angst and drama) as long as there's a happy or hopeful ending.
My only specific DNW here is Jessica's recent pregnancy/baby storyline being incorporated. It's really not my thing.


Character: Doreen Green

Doreen is the absolute most fun - I love her energy, endless kindness and her joie de vivre and how completely she throws herself into everything. I'd love to see her on her own, doing her kicks butt, eats nuts thing, or just having an average day in the life of Doreen Green: ESU student, or teamed up with anyone you can think of - or a fanwork exploring Squirrel Girl in a different version of canon would be amazing, too. Basically I just really love Squirrel Girl.


Characters: Gwen Stacy (Spider-Woman), Mary Jane Watson, George Stacy, Matt "Murderdock" Murdock

I'd really enjoy something fleshing out the world of Spider-Gwen - I love the little details we get to see, like Starkbucks and the Yancy Street Gang taggers - so I'd be happy with fic about any character during/before/in the future, or just about the world in general. I really enjoy its big, colorful energy, though sometimes the gaps in the world building leave me a little wanting. I'm interested in the parallels and differences between Gwen's Spider-Woman and Peter's Spider-Man, and I love the band aspect of Gwen's civilian life. Maybe something about Gwen's early Spider Days, or where she is in the future? Mary Jane is always a favorite, so I'd love something about her, her identity as a singer or her frustrations with Gwen - maybe her finding out Gwen's identity? (I ship it a little bit, so if you do too, two thumbs up.) I also confess a lot of fondness for beautiful barefoot Matt Murderdock, ninja prince. Basically anything Spider-Gwen! 

If you're not opposed, a no-powers regular band AU would be pretty cool here, too.

Thank you in advance! 

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