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1. So reveals are up, and I can finally talk about what I wrote! Originally I was planning on writing this earlier, but my aunt showed up. :| I think my feelings on her are pretty well known, but just in case anyone doesn't know, here are some things I would have rather spent the day doing: taunting wild grizzly bears while dressed as a giant chicken, retaking my driver's license exam, etc.

The fact that she's hyper-confrontational, especially with me, really isn't helping the HULK SMASH. Grab that phone out of my hand one more time, why don't you.

But anyway! Fic! This gets rambly, and I wish I could say I'm sorry about that, but I am absolutely not. My aunt is downstairs asleep on the couch like ten feet from where I sleep and I still really want to watch the new episode of Sherlock. I have to take my victories where I can get them.

grab a blanket, brother
Young Avengers, PG, mostly gen (slight Eli/Kate/Tommy, background Teddy/Billy and Cassie/Jonas)

Wherein Tommy Shepherd moves in with the Kaplans, freaks out, runs to Canada, goes looking for trouble, accidentally stalks the Avengers and tries to figure out his families. All of them.

This was my main assignment, for Sodajerk and -- okay I think I pretty much said this all in my author's note, but I really did have their Dear Yuletide Writer letter open for treat purposes when my assignment came in. I'd been wanting to write Tommyfic for ages, so getting to do it for Yuletide was fantastic.

all maps lead to el paso
Blue Beetle, PG, Paco & Kon bromance (bonus Paco/Brenda, slight Kon/Tim)
This was how it started: Paco, in Arizona, kidnapped and wearing leopard print.

This is for Victoria_P(Musesfool), and I doubt I would have thought of Kon&Paco bromance on my own, but it was such a blast to write. Seriously, so much fun. And, to top it off, I remembered Paco has sisters, but I couldn't remember their names, so obviously I had to reread half of Blue Beetle until I found the issue they're in, right? Right. And any excuse to reread Blue Beetle is a good excuse.

Seriously, though, the feedback I've gotten on this has blown me away. ♥ ♥ ♥

the lay of your lands
Marvel 1602, PG-13, John Storm/Peter Parquagh
John Storm and Peter Parquagh tell each other stories.

For Mizzmarvel who is probably sick of me jumping on her prompts by now. But best Johnny/Peter prompts you guys. I'm not going to lie, I kind of want all the 1602!Johnny/Peter fic now. And I also want to write a ton of it.

(Plus, writing this made me read Fantastick Four 1602 which I completely loved. The Fantastic Four have to rescue Shakespeare from Doctor Doom? Um, yes please.)

footsteps (and how not to follow them
Tiger & Bunny, G, Kaede-centric gen (with very slight totally married Kotetsu/Barnaby)
Kaede’s first night on the job, she got tossed into a building.

For Suaine, for the prompt "Kaede becoming a hero in her own right." In which it's Kaede's first night out on Hero TV and Tiger and Bunny have some huge boots to fill. (Meanwhile, Kotetsu and Barnaby are just really embarrassing parents.) I love futuregen stories, especially in superhero media (I really want to write the DC fic where Damian Wayne attempts to lead the new Teen Titans, consisting of Milagro Reyes, Lian Harper and Iris West, with totally disastrous results), so I was really excited to get to write one. Also? Everyone in Tiger & Bunny is incredibly fun to write.

2. Is anyone else having issues with comments on LJ? I mean, aside from the new pages, obviously. I haven't been getting mine e-mailed to me for, um. A while now. At first I thought it was my settings, but I checked those and it's not, so. Anyway, if I haven't replied to anything you think I would've normally replied to, it's probably because I never got it. I changed my LJ settings so hopefully all replies should show up in my inbox there, so I should be receiving everything now.
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Yuletide Madness fic greeted me this morning! I'm having a very X-23 Christmas, and it's fabulous. I'm just going to hoard both of these fics so I can read them over and over again when the series ends. (Marvel, why.)

Warmth by Anonymous.
Laura discovers Jubilee clings to just one Christmas Eve tradition. This is like a hundred different kinds of adorable, and I love how real and constant the affection all the characters have for each other is, and how Laura gets a Christmas Eve with her family. Also, Jubilee's traditional Christmas movie choices made me lol.

Basically -- yay, Yuletide! Still reading through the collection because, man, there is so much good fic this year.
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It's Yuletide, and I have like eighty tabs open. Finally, it feels like the holidays.

And I guess it's Christmas or something too, apparently. (Merry Christmas, to everybody who celebrates it. ♥)

My gift is a super lovely X-23 fic, with a wonderful Laura voice and basically, you know, Laura and Gambit and Logan (and Rogue!) celebrating Christmas, what else could you want.

untitled by Anonymous
X-23, gen. No summary, but I think the above pretty much covers it. ♥

And someone wrote me something for Madness, too, which is super sweet and I can't wait to be able to read it. The suspense, guys.

(Obviously I can't talk about what I wrote yet, but I did write a couple of things, and they seem to be fairly well received so far. Which is good, because I finished a bunch of them in the very early hours of the morning and towards the end there I wasn't even sure all the words were in the right order.)

Also, since, you know, LiveJournal is kind of a trainwreck right now -- I do have a dreamwidth account. It's also under traincat, because I'm lazy. Let me know if you're over there! (Err, here, since I'm crossposting. Whatever.)
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Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you several sentences from that story.

You guys know my fandoms! And if not, uh, ask?

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Dear Yuletide Santa,

First off, thank you for signing up and I hope you're having a great time! I'm sure I'll love anything you write -- I'm not terribly hard to please, and I'd love anything from any of the fandoms I requested (which are SUPER MARVEL this year, um. I did not plan that going in!), and also because I already know that you're FANTASTIC and I'm going to love the fic and YOU, seriously.

OPTIONAL DETAILS ARE TOTALLY OPTIONAL! Loved, but optional. I'm the kind of person who likes to have way too much info so I basically toss around some ideas under the cut, but if you've already got an idea or if you get one that's totally different you should go for it! Basically I want you to have fun writing the story -- if you do, then I'm sure I'll love it.

The only things I'm going to specify are that I love fluff, I'm not a big angst person and happy endings are much appreciated, and gen is always just as welcome as any kind of pairingfic!

more details underneath )


Likes: Fluff! Humor! Basically sappy fic where everybody hugs, I know, super gross but I like warm fuzzies. Also, makeouts! Slash! Or not slash that's cool too! That kind of over-the-top kind of superhero action! People fighting robots? WHY NOT. Or, you know, just happy endings.

Dislikes: Overpowering angst, gore, noncon, dubcon, explicit violence. Any sort of character bashing. Infidelity/cheating.

Thank you!


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1. Welcome [ profile] inkyperspective, [ profile] be_themoon and [ profile] hunterwithcause! Nice to meet two of you and nice to friend you, hwc. Fair warning, this journal is 80% memes, 10% fic posts and 10% cryptic whining. I'm trying to be better about that! But NaNo and Yuletide are coming up so it's basically just going to be all kinds of cryptic whining about fic for the next two months.

2. Gonna Be A Better One (A Thousand Miles To Your Door), DC comics, Tim/Kon, PG-13. Total fluffy meet the parents-type situation set during Tim's Robin-retirement that... somehow ended up being 18,000 words? I'm not totally sure how that happened.

For [ profile] hunterwithcause, for Help Japan, and I hope you like the second half. ♥ Thanks for the awesome prompt and being totally patient and the lovely comment on the first half. You're awesome!

3. I am going to write those replies for the TFLN meme! Really! And if anyone wants to leave more prompts, they'd be totally welcome to -- fandom and pairing repeats are fine, and if you're not sure if I'll write a character/pairing/series, just ask and I'll let you know!
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[ profile] measuringlife told me to.

1. Give me a pairing
2. Give me a text from last night.
3. I'll write you a short fic based on the scenario.

COSPLAY UPDATE COMING SOON about to go work on the wig.
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1) HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] sentienttoaster you are basically the best little brother/talking toaster, and for your birthday I was thoughtful enough to order all my makeup online so you won't have to enter a Sephora tomorrow. I know, I'm so thoughtful.

Also I guess I'm getting you Persona 2 which I... don't know how to feel about? I'M NOT SURE OF THE MESSAGE IT SENDS are you sure you don't want a sexy lady barber instead.

I don't remember what I did when I turned 18, but it probably involved being unbearably smug about it in your direction.

2) somebody forgot to press B and now delicious has evolved into some kind of glitchy abomination that won't let me see what people have tagged my fic as search through endless pages of fanfic links. I just don't know what to do anymore.

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[ profile] sentienttoaster and I getting ready on Friday morning. So basically you guys get to see my wig/makeup totally not stand up to the 100 degree heat. Like an unfortunate before and after!

So first off I want to thank [ profile] misrepha for making my Otakon ~extra amazing~ and also for being ~super fabulous~ and I hope you had a wonderful time and I'm sorry I suck and I don't have like, any pictures of us together. Also I didn't know if you wanted to be identified in the photos so I'm not going to, but if you do just let me know and I'll edit your name in there. Maybe in sparkletext.

Pictures under cut ~by series~ because this is maybe like, a third of what we took, and it's all blocky and mostly Persona 3-4, superheroes and Doctor Who. So basically we went to an anime con and took maybe three anime pictures because that's how we roll.

Everything is a mix of actual photoshoots and just-cruising-the-halls shoots because organization is for losers.

Persona )

Doctor Who )

Marvel and DC )

Misc (DRRR!!, Digimon, etc) )

OH WAIT WHAT'S THAT IT'S SOME FIRE EMBLEM COSPLAY like I wouldn't get it for you guys )

Finally, Spider-Maid demonstrates how I feel about you guys )
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Nerdcon 2011 in summary, basically

I'm home! Otakon was a blast. I hugged a bunch of people, took a ton of pictures, got pictures taken with a Bucky, Doctor Doom, a very cool Deadpool, another Black Widow and two Shizuos (one as Celty, one as Natasha, even). Oh, and Captain Hammer when I was half out of costume. I guess the catsuit was a hit. So overall I think it was a success. Definitely had a good time. Am apparently a minion of Doctor Doom. Now own a phone charm of a tiny, judgmental boxer.

Pictures coming soon. They're on my laptop now but apparently there's 350+ of them and they're all huge. Lots from the Doctor Who and Marvel vs DC shoots.


The Masked Man (Who Has Everything) X-Men First Class, Erik/Charles with background Hank/Alex, Batman!AU.
Sometimes Erik hated being Batman. It was very difficult, wanting to punch yourself in the face all the time.
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By Any Other Name, Young Justice, Lois Lane and Superboy gen.
“I like journalism,” Conner protested. “There’s a lot more punching things than I expected.”

surely shifted my way, X-Men: First Class, Erik/Charles, modern slightly!AU weddingfic. With doves.
“I don’t understand,” Charles said after dinner. “I leave you alone for an afternoon and you ruin two of the children.”

“It’s a gift,” Erik told him.


So I was just alerted that one of my fics (aha, babysitting fic, of course it was you) has been stolen and posted on! Is it bad that I find this all very exciting? It's like I'm back in fandom proper again. Sent the poster (she sounds all cute and young and baby fandom-y) a PM asking her to take it down, but if she doesn't I'll report it. She does have a few stolen pieces on her dA, too, including a piece of fanart for that particular fic.
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1. Fics! Or something.

Hurricane Drunk, Young Justice, Red Arrow, Robin, Kid Flash, gen, PG-13 (language and underage drinking)
“We need a do over,” Wally declares, legs hanging out the passenger window of a red Chevrolet.

Trials and Tribulations, Young Justice, Red Arrow, team, turned-into-kids!fic, G
“C’mon,” Ollie cajoled. “It’ll only be for a couple hours – two days, tops, if we get sent to another dimension, but –”

Checklist, Young Justice, crush!Kid Flash/Green Lantern (John Stewart), PG
The point was: John Stewart was the best. Wally kind of wanted to be him. Or maybe marry him. Or both.

2. The con to sharing an eBay account with my mother is that occasionally she'll lean into the room and go, "You bought how many comics?"

The pro is that, as two obsessive collectors, we have absolutely amazing feedback.

3. [personal profile] bonnefois makes me feel so internet famous.
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I think I'm going to leave Fire Emblem fandom.

It's been a hard decision, but it's time -- I've been in this fandom longer than any other, almost 8 years, but there's only so long you can be in a fandom for before it starts to lose its charms. I mean, not even Ike/Soren holds the appeal it used to anymore.

It's tough, but I think it's time for me to move on. I've met so many great people here, and I hope we'll be able to stay friends without Fire Emblem tying us together. See you guys.
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From the community: All of the details are on the post, but essentially it's like a reverse version of a fic auction combined with a dash of Yuletide. People who want to donate post their prompts and how much they want to donate, then writers claim their prompts. It's a great way to try and get fic that you've been begging for. Even if you can't afford to donate, you can help out by writing. I encourage everyone in fandom to check it out and SPREAD THE WORD.

This is an incredibly awesome idea and everybody should check it out.
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Attempting to keep some sort of vague order to my fic archiving:

maps won't show us where we're going, Fire Emblem 10, Ike/Soren. Post game, references to That Base Conversation. Spoilers.
'I don't want his heart to be a glacier,' he thinks right before he kisses Soren.

Honeymooners, Young Justice animated, Superboy/Robin.
Robin and Superboy's honeymoon phase is bound to blow over sooner or later, but for now? It's incredibly annoying.

affection (brotherly and otherwise) Young Justice animated, Colin Wilkes/Damian Wayne, Dick, slight AU.
"Strictly speaking, there's no rule that says Dick isn't allowed in Damian's room."

Dick's big brother Damian has a boyfriend, which is crazy, because Damian's a jerk.

In addition to my thread at [ profile] help_japan, and on [ profile] measuringlife's suggestion, I'm offering additional fic in exchange for charitable donations towards Japan (or other worthy cause of your choice). $1 gets you a minimum of 1000 words of fanfic of your choice. That means, depending on how the idea turns out, you might get more than that, but you are guaranteed at least 1000 words per dollar. (So if you donated $2, that's a minimum of 2000.) If you choose to give via LiveJournal's help Japan vgift, for example, that would get you at least 3000 words worth of fic. I will need proof of donation before I write anything, though.

[ profile] help_japan has an amazing list of charities currently taking donations here, and [ profile] measuringlife has a great list of other people offering fic, art and assorted goods here.

(And now watch Measured make me write Meerkat!fic and slimemonster!Ike.)

ETA: THIS OFFER POST IS NOW CLOSED. Thanks to everyone who donated!
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I'm offering at least 2500 words of fic for a few fandoms up at [ profile] help_japan. But, guys, if there's something you've always wanted to make me write (yeah right -- WELL ACTUALLY I DON'T KNOW ABOUT SOME OF YOU, MEASURED) and it's for a fandom that's not listed but that you know I like/can write for, hit me up and we'll talk. I'm flexible! I had an iffy experience on one of these things before (my winning bidder never contacted me), so let's try and avoid that. It's for a good cause.

my thread here
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Alright, let's try this again.

I somehow ended up with a tumblr again! Reports that I made one solely to annoy [ profile] sentienttoaster have been greatly exaggerated.

So, who should I be following?

fic post

Feb. 28th, 2011 07:06 pm
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What the hell is one of these doing on this journal. MYSTERY. Everything's linked to Ao3 because I'm lazy.

First up, things I wrote for Yuletide but never really talked about!

Relative Terms (Or, Not Exactly Christmas Elves) Young Avengers, Billy/Teddy, PG.
It's hard finding the perfect holiday gift for your boyfriend. It's even harder when you're a teenage superhero. It's extremely difficult when you accidentally summon some extradimensional warriors bent on kidnapping you back to their realm.

Part of Two Ultimate Spider-Man, Johnny/Peter, PG, for the extra lovely [ profile] mizzmarvel.
It's Johnny's birthday, and he wants to hang out.

In Distress Fire Emblem 10, Micaiah/Pelleas, PG.
Pelleas is in distress. His knight is not quite what was he was expecting. Slightly AU.

(This is in all actuality for a prompt from [ profile] fe_fest, but I'm lazy and Measured's never shown up with a shotgun so it hasn't been posted over there yet.)

And here's some stuff from the [ profile] yj_anon_meme! It's uh, actually less than half of what I've posted there because I am an addict and it turns out anon memes are really fun and just. Don't judge me okay.

Greetings from the Twineball (Wish You Were Here) Gen, G. In which there are superspeed roadtrips and penguins and way too many giant balls of twine.

Put Your Fist Here Gen, G. Wherein Kid Flash and Robin teach Superboy how to fist bump. Because they're bros.

The Code Hints of Kid Flash/Miss Martian, Superboy/Robin, and terrible fake scheme relationship Kid Flash/Robin. In which Kid Flash wants to make Miss Martian jealous, there is a 300 rule long bro code and also, cupcakes.

I'm just. Going to go slink off to my cave now.
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Dear traincat,

You have received a LiveJournal virtual gift from an anonymous sender

The note attached to your gift reads: "Look at your other v-gifts. Now back to me. Now back to your other v-gifts. Now back to me. Sadly, your other v-gifts aren't me. But if they were small and adorable, they could look like me. Look down. Back up. Where are you? Still reading this comment while your other v-gifts try to look like me. What's in your hand? Back at me. Look at my pose. It's the most adorable thing you've ever seen. Look again. I AM NOW MADE OF DIAMONDS. Anything is possible when you're an adorable v-gift. I'm an otter."

Whoever sent this? You are amazing and I love you.
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