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Reveals are up! I wrote four fics this year:

Running to Arrive

Iron Man: Armored Adventures (gen)

Agent Hill looked her up and down, lips pursed, one eyebrow raised.

“Come with me,” she started, and breathlessly Pepper cut in with, “If you want to live?”

The corner of Agent Hill’s eye did this little twitchy thing, which looked incredibly smooth and secret agent-y. Pepper wondered if they taught you how to do that in SHIELD classes.

Agent Hill sighed and rubbed a hand to her forehead and said, “Come with me if you want to see Director Fury.”

That was so much better than Pepper could have ever wished.

This was my assignment this year and it was one of those things where, you look at the prompt and you go, this is the fic I know in my heart I have always wanted to write. Armored Adventures is such a fun series, and one of the things I love most about it is Pepper, who wants to be a SHIELD agent and is just so enthusiastic about EVERYTHING!!!!! Trying to capture her energy was a fun challenge, and I hope I succeeded. 

style is eternal

Hawkeye (gen)

Clint came home to find teenagers sitting on the floor of his apartment. His dog was lying between them, getting skritches.

“I don’t think he likes the hat,” Kate said, holding something in her hands that looked like a giant satin triangle.

“Maybe the holes aren’t big enough for his ears,” the other kid, who Clint belatedly recognized as one of Wanda’s reincarnated brood, replied. “Pass the scissors?”

“Kate,” Clint said, coming up behind them. “And Kate's friend, Strange Teenager in My House With His Hands All Over My Dog.”

Look, doggie costumes are really cute, okay? This one was so much fun to write. Lucky's closet is probably way bigger than Clint's at this point.

Stay, Stay, Stay

Young Avengers (Tommy & Eli, Eli/Kate/Tommy)

Teddy was cleaning when he found the sweatshirt.

“That’s Eli’s,” Tommy said. Teddy held it up to the light, frowning at it.

“Yeah,” he said. “Must’ve left it here, y’know. Before.”

Before Latveria, Teddy meant. He seemed strangely hesitant to say the word, like it might make Billy do something drastic, like hole himself up in his room and not talk to anyone. Like that ship hadn’t already sailed.

Tommy was sick of it.

A summary of my year: lies down, has Tommy Shepherd feelings. (Maybe more like: a summary of my life.) It's probably an understatement to say I have issues with the tone of the new run, so getting to write Tommy and Eli and Kate together again was like Christmas. In other news, I think I managed to limit myself to only titling one fic after a TSwift song this year, which is a great achievement.

Snow Day

Avengers Assemble (comic) (Carol/Jessica, Jessica & the Hulk)

“You fell through a dimensional rift,” Carol said. “We followed you.”

“Ugh,” Jessica said, planting her sharp chin on Carol’s shoulder. "Dimensional rift. That's just my luck."

There was a flurry of motion behind Carol’s back; she twisted around to find Jessica and the Hulk mid-fistbump.

“Do you guys have a secret handshake?” she asked.

Spoiler alert: I just really want Jess and the Hulk to have a secret handshake, and Jess and Carol to get married.
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