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The f15s (fics in fifteen seconds) meme, because it looks like fun. Let's see if I can get it straight - sum up every chapter of every story you've written in two lines of script!

The Green Tie Affair
Tony: I think somebody magically kidnapped the Hulk.
Dr. Strange: *shows up fifteen minutes late holding Starbucks*

Keep Throwing Things and Slamming the Door
Johnny Storm: Oh woe I am in love with Peter Parker but he is in love with Spider-Man!
Peter Parker: Agh.

Scenes from a Wedding
Billy: Getting married is stressful!
Skrulls: Your seating chart displeases the empire.

the length and breadth of the sea
Johnny Storm: Oh woe my family is probably dead and America is sucky and full of dinosaurs and also Nick Fury's former sidekick is very attractive and bendy???
Peter Parker: Agh.

The Adventures of Jackpot and Zombie Girl
Mary Jane: Peter Parker is dead and I am miserable and everything sucks.

Family Ties
Alfred: *steams blood out of the carpet*
Dick: *warm fuzzy family feelings*

Through the Mines
Eli: I MADE THE RIGHT DECISION kate why won't you e-mail me.
Kate: I DON'T MISS YOU JERK why won't you come back and fight crime with me.

Rub-a-Dub-Dub (A Bunch of Capes in the Tub)
Batman: This is a good way to connect with friends and enemies alike.
Everyone else ever: NO.

Following Weblines
Miles Morales: I am trapped in an alternate reality where Peter Parker is alive and Spider-Man and I am evil and WHAT IF UNCLE AARON WAS RIGHT??????
Peter Parker: ...Want a hug?

leave the gun on the table
Bucky Barnes: I'm a brainwashed assassin with faulty memories, a ton of undiscovered triggers and no clue what happened and I might kill you in the night without realizing.
Clint Barton: Hot.

people clint barton kissed for the mission (and one he'd know anywhere)
Clint Barton: I have magical kissing powers.
The rest of the Avengers: We're not the weird ones anymore!

Something Red, White and Blue
Steve: Seems to be an awful lot of fraudulent weddings going on around here.
Tony: *bats eyelashes*

all maps lead to el paso
Paco: Bro.
Kon: Dang, bro.

the lay of your lands
Johnny Storm: Oh woe, once upon a time...
Peter Parker: AGH.

grab a blanket, brother
Tommy Shepherd: Hi, my name is Speed and welcome to Jackass.
Moose: *is in Canada*

Gonna Be a Better One (A Thousand Miles to Your Door)

The Masked Man (Who Has Everything)
Magneto: I'm not Batman.
Prof X: Uh, telepath?

surely shifted my way
Prof X: Are those doves.
Doves: *are doves*

By Any Other Name
Kon: I'm angry.
Lois: We're gonna work on that. Hold these lockpicks.

Hurricane Drunk
Roy: I don't know what happened to my life or why there are drunk teenagers on my couch.
Ollie: This is why you don't quit sidekicking.

Trials and Tribulations
Roy: I don't know what happened to my life or why the Justice League left me to babysit.
Ollie: This is why you don't quit sidekicking.

maps won't show us where we're going
Ike: So I think I want to get with Soren.
Soren: About freaking time.

The Code
Wally West: Fake date me for the bro code.
Dick Grayson: This is the worst decision I've ever made.

Party of Two
Johnny Storm: Oh woe it is my birthday and I am alone and friendless and undeniably hot get it that was a joke.
Peter Parker: ..................... agh.

Relative Terms (Or, Not Exactly Christmas Elves)
Billy: Reality warping is fun and easy!
Tommy: NO.

- bonus: works in progress -

untitled bridge crew weddingfic
Jim Kirk: So I accidentally married my entire bridge crew, but not all at once, so it's cool. Don't tell the admiralty.
Bones: Goddammit, Jim.

bucky barnes and peter parker friendship fic
Peter Parker: Why are you Cap's favorite?!

draw back your bow
Bucky Barnes: I'm still brainwashed and crazy.
Clint Barton: But also still hot.

post Fantastic Four 600 fic
Johnny Storm: Oh woe, I was dead a bunch of times in the Negative Zone and now I am back in my universe but connecting is hard and I may be traumatized. Bright side: own spaceship.
Peter Parker: (AGH.)

TommyDavid fic
Tommy Shepherd: I am having an existential crisis. Fight crime with me.
David Alleyne: That is the worst idea I've ever heard and I used to live with Cyclops.
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