Apr. 14th, 2013

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Post the first lines of your last 21 fics.

1. First things first, Johnny wanted to make it clear: he did not intend to sleep with that photographer.
2. “We’re going to die.”
3. The car pulls up in front of Mary Jane’s house at half past midnight and starts honking, three short staccato blasts followed by two long ones.
4. “There’s nothing to this blasted place.”
5. “You’re not going on patrol tonight,” Bruce said flatly.
6. Arkoniel had been perfecting the leaf spell for hours.
7. In the end, Teddy was the only one who came to see him off.
8. Grodd was halfway through a rousing rendition of Toucha-Toucha-Touch Me when he saw the bat-shaped outline hulking just beyond the shower curtain.
9. Fury gave them all a big speech before they left, and finished it with a finger pointed square at the team.
10. His first mission with the Avengers took him to Latveria.
11. The cough started on Thursday.
12. Clint has this thing.
13. In retrospect, it was all Dum Dum Dugan’s fault.
14. This was how it started: Paco, in Arizona, kidnapped and wearing leopard print.
15. Kaede’s first night on the job, she got tossed into a building.
16. Their second day off the Fantastick, John got in a brawl.
17. “This is your twenty-four hour warning,” Billy declared, throwing himself down on the couch.
18. If the world was ending, then kissing Kon seemed like the thing to do.
19. “He’s just so mysterious.”
20. Everyone knew it was coming, and probably sooner rather than later, especially after Sebastian Shaw’s death in that unexpected boating accident.
21. Sometimes Lois thought she should take up a safer occupation.

To top it off, some first lines from some current WiPs:

1. It wasn’t the worst day of Tony’s life, not by a longshot.
2. This was how Phil and May met for the first time, at 8:17 PM, in a corner mart in Queens, during a stick-up.
3. Clint made a promise, twice, and said that everything would be all right.
4. Steve Rogers’ plane took off at 5 PM.
5. The thing nobody, not even his master, understands is that Tommy watched it all happen.
6. “A spaceship has just crashed in a nearby county,” Hank announced at the door, so excited his fur was practically on end.

I have a lot of unfinished Marvel fic.

Things I have learned from this: I like starting fic with dialogue, but not as much as I thought I did. A lot of my opening sentences are pretty sparse. You can pretty much call all my crackfic from the first sentence.

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